First edition of Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? announced

Anyone with a serious interest in the present Crowd Funding phenomena needs high quality information to make sense of this rapidly developing sector. The Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? publication is designed to give both a clear overview of the key elements, patterns and trends emerging within Crowd Funding as a whole, and also to enable detailed, in-depth investigation of specific areas of interest.

We provide access to concentrated intelligence about what investors, contributors, regulators and money raisers need to know … like trends in technology and the marketplace, the predictions made by the players and the pundits, the factors behind successes and failures and the best advice available.

For each of these, and many other questions, readers of the Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? 2013 will be able to absorb in a page or two the significant indications expert analysts (not some algorithm) have gleaned from thousands of pages of reading, anchored in a unique statistical analysis of how patterns of coverage change through time.

Our classification schema (which is mirrored in the Table of Contents) also provides its users with a unique common framework, enabling readers to see and share a coherent bigger picture, as never before – very useful for collaboration. All the indicator data is linked by URL back to the original sources, too, for instant further research, if needed.

Product Description

Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? is supplied as a Kindle ebook on Amazon , as well as from this site as a downloadable PDF file.

The contents - approximately 72 pages - comprise a professional intelligence analysis of hundreds of data sources about Crowd Funding from the web. The data is analysed using the taxonomy below which also serves as the Table of Contents for -

  • a synthesis of what the sources are saying in each category (called Indications)
  • unique inferences drawn from monitoring the Indications coming from the data streams over time
  • a critical commentary on their implications

The findings are the result of the rigorous application of a tried and tested intelligence methodology, called Content Analysis, by very experienced practitioners.

We look for the key INDICATORS in hundreds of leading sources pertaining to the following facets of the Crowd Funding story.
    • Collaboration
    • Investment finance
    • Business
    • Non-profits
    • Arts & Media
    • Public sector
    • Legislation
    • Fraud
    • Bad practice
    • Contribution based
    • Share ownership
    • Income sharing
    • Lending
    • Platforms
    • Money raised
    • Funding success factors
    • Income sharing
    • Returns
    • Security
    • Spread
    • Growth
    • Emergence
    • Consolidation
    • Predictions
    • Relationships
    • Communications
    • Finances
    • Legalities
    • Platforms
Using our professional intelligence gathering and analysis techniques, we have systematically monitored the Crowd Funding phenomenon for more than two years. The process yields pre-digested, and enriched data which we write up as the INDICATIONS to which the INDICATORS are pointing. Combining these INDICATIONS with our statistical analysis of patterns of coverage over time we can draw original inferences about the meaning of events and reflect on their implications.

We are not pundits and pollsters peddling the last fashionable opinions. Our job is to uncover what the collective intelligence is saying from an unbiased perspective, and to monitor how it changes through time using our time tested methodology. Our 30+ years of experience as intelligence analysts has led us to appreciate that to understand phenomena, such as Crowd Funding, it takes time for significant patterns to evolve and emerge. To avoid being blinded by the hype of the present and to make sense of the future, it is necessary to appreciate how it is evolving from the past.

So before making any strategic decisions about 2013 and beyond, it makes sense to read Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? first in order to really appreciate the big picture. Our first Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? covering 2011, 2012 and the start of 2013 will be published in April.

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