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Providing a more detached way of looking at change in a wider perspective than the conflicting viewpoints now offered by the media.
Pioneering the Internet of Databases

The Environmental Change Monitor database has been compiled and produced by a professional content analyst (Jan Wyllie), and designer and software developer (Simon Eaton), both with many years of experience in their fields.

It is the product of the content analysis research methodology which is designed to eliminate personal opinion (known as 'voice') from the analysis of the sources. The analyst's voice is only heard in the Commentary sections. Accurate reporting of what the sources are saying is the purpose of the analysis, not proving any point or winning any argument. The methodology which has been practiced successfully since the 1930s has now been made much more powerful with the development of relational database technology.

The FRACKING FILES are presented as a free example of a single intelligence application derived from the Environmental Change Monitor database in the hope that it can stimulate more informed and productive conversation between all interested parties. Hundreds of other similar reports can be compiled from the FULL DATABASE.

Open Intelligence plans to sell the same kind of service in other domains, such as its Economic Change Monitor database. The business model is to create an Internet of Databases (IoD) built on top of the current internet of pages, which would become more and more enriched as it covers more and more subjects, employing more and more skilled people to provide more and more refined intelligence.

The plan is for the output of the databases to feed a database publishing industry providing a different, more detached way of looking at change, than the conflicting perspectives now offered by the media.