A Panorama of Changes
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The need for a macroscopic view
The natural environment within which all humans live is changing. And it is not just the climate that is changing. Environmental change is much bigger, even more encompassing. It is about pollution and birth rates and mass extinction. It is about human disease, hunger and mass migration, as well as about what people are thinking and doing about it. Above, all it is about how all the changing influences and their consequences relate to each other … which is why being able to see a bigger picture is so important.
Intuitive exploration, not search
There is no need to think up search shot-in-the-dark terms to query the immensity of the internet. All you have to do is click on the Inquiry Language words on the left bar to explore more than 10,000 key articles for a coherent picture of environmental change. All the articles have been compiled and categorised daily for three years because they reflected indicators of change pertinent to the questions expressed in the Inquiry Language. One of the more surprising early findings of the analysis is that what humans are doing about environmental change is by far the greatest focus of attention. You will find all the pertinent sources by clicking Consequences. Choose Life, then Human and finally Remediation / Mitigation. Have a look at Solutions / Suggestions if you want to start your Inquiry on a positive note. We recommend you consider taking 20 minutes to click through the Inquiry Language reading the very brief scope note at the top of the window describing each term. It will build a clear picture in your mind (a mind set) of the very wide overall scope of the Inquiry, while giving you an idea of what’s there in advance and how much of it there is (i.e. numbers of pertinent articles), something you cannot know with search and retrieval methods.
Enabling journalists, professionals, businessmen, politicians and citizens to look at the bigger picture as never before
For journalists, this continually updated service is an enhanced cuttings morgue. For the rest of the world, it is an alternative, vastly quicker way of finding out about the topic of environmental change. Meaning emerges from context which is exactly what the Inquiry Language is provides.