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The Fracking Files
Balancing Risks and Benefits
A Panoramic Picture - not another List
We have been entering thousands of indicator articles into a database about Environmental Change for more than two years. The work of compiling, organising, curating and analysing all this source data (derived from the FULL DATABASE ) as it relates specifically to fracking has been done. Now we are publishing the results of the research.
We investigate whether the
increasing alarm about the
consequences of fracking
is justified? Or is it
scaremongering and
The Inquiry (Aug 2014 – Aug 2016)
*An independent inquiry into the key questions raised by hydraulic fracturing (fracking).*

The content analysis Inquiry process is designed to address the key questions, which all parties -- from UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, to the protesters who are so passionately against the process and the drilling companies who advocate it -- must answer. Both the findings and the evidence are presented with maximum context, clarity and brevity in mind.

*The most recent indicator articles entered into the Inquiry process.*

The hundreds of stories being monitored in the Fracking Files never stop changing, which is why putting the latest data in the context of previous findings is so important. The Updates will show the latest developments, and also whether the trends identified are continuing, waxing, waning or reversing.

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